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To unpathed water, lay undreamed shores...

Found this in Shakespeare's Winter's Tale, it is a quote that sets me thinking. This year I'm training in previously unknown water for me. It isn't South End Rowing Club (Aquatic Park), Candlestick or Santa Cruz...

I'm training in indoor pools, yuck and I am slowly finding my new beaches and courses off of those beaches. I keep looking at Elephant rock also, it isn't far that far out but the boat traffic concerns me more than the wonder at swimming to it. It's time will come when I'm safely supported with a boat and I will swim around the rock and back to the island.

It is also a year for a couple of new swims not in my usual repertoire, of course I got banned from one of my usual swims....
How the hell that stands I still don't understand, but everything I objected to was changed this year. Maybe it served its purpose. While it sticks in my craw it also creates opportunity for me to find swims that are new challenges for me!

And for a change of pace, Dara Torres made the Olympic team in the 100 and the semis in the 50 at 41! Got to root for the old folks that are still younger than me....
Tags: challenges, new beaches and training ponds

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