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Middle of a week that feels twice as long....

This is a picture of Canoe Beach on Nahant where I swim most days. If you look closely there are various buoys around the rocks and jutted land. They are lobster traps, I use the buoys as 'navigational aids', swimming around them so I don't beach myself on the submerged rocks. The water has been extremely clear lately, there is seaweed on the floor of the cove and you can see down a good 20' clearly. The seaweed is not he really tall kind from Monterey, Ca. It looks more like a flat lettuce floating in the currents. Sometimes you even get a glimpse of the tiny fish that live in and around the seaweed. I usually swim laps between Canoe Beach and 40 Steps Beach, (yep, it really has 40 steps down to the beach). The dog hangs out in the truck when I'm swimming as long as it is cool, so early morning and late afternoon swims are the order of the day... I'm going to try to figure out how to fit in 3 swims a day next week.... Tall order.

This weekend is Tahoe, I wish there wasn't so much tied up in it emotionally for me right now. I'm concerned about the ankle with check-ins, beach start, etc. I think that is why I took so long to make arrangements for travel and haven't contacted my pilot yet. I also feel badly about leaving the pup for the three days I will be gone. We haven't been apart very much since she came to live with us.... She is a black spot on the carpet right now having decided it is bedtime now....

J is here this week but he really isn't. He is working in the city and has lot's of homework at night. It doesn't make sense to drive back here at night or actually early in the morning and get up at five AM. So it is the pup and me, and the vet, the kennel, etc... a long day tomorrow....
So good night
Tags: lobster traps, pet separation, swimming

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