Channelswim (channelswim) wrote,

Three days to BLS....and I almost have my house back!

Well, the house is painted and the shutters up. I might post a picture in the next few days but the cream with gray trim and deep teal doors and shutters look great. I almost have my house back to myself! and Boo and Mom of course... The gutter guys and screens/storm windows have to be put back in and then it is all mine except that J is coming for a couple of weeks....

On the schedule, trips to Costco, Lowes (hardware and flowers) and a nursery if necessary. I have a couple of beds and the front porch to put flowers in. J love red geraniums... The painters even painted my little flower boxes the deep teal.

In three days is the Boston Lighthouse swim (8 miles), my pilot seems pretty laid back which is good because I' m laid back about the swim. Finish and have fun are my goals...DFL (dead fat last) is not an issue with this swim, just having fun. I will remember to take my leg cramp medicine Friday and Saturday after the Tahoe fiasco... and tape my ankle like it was taped for Tahoe. That worked well until the cramps hit. I could swim through a lot of them until they went down the leg toward the Achilles tendon. When it pulled on the torn tendon it was time to be smart. The part that bugs me is that it was 100% avoidable, I know I tend to cramp if I don't take calcium and that it is leg cramps. I always can swim through them but with the taped ankle, not as much flexibility. It was harder but I wasn't going to take the risk of further injury. It has taken so long to 'half-arsed' heal.

Well the goal is to be smart this weekend in addition to finishing and having fun. Prepare and take care of myself. I'm kind of hoping for a little in the way of 'washing machine agitation cycle' because I swim better then than in a mill pond.
Tags: boston lighthouse swim, contractors, swimming

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