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December 2017



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in the dark....

Ok, folks, I admit it. I really wanted a swim last night, got lost on the way home from work. This is not a new occurrence in my new town or even the last couple of days. I have creative ways of getting lost and found. It just takes up time, but as long as I can find myself it isn't a problem except the time.

I saw part of Cambridge... The bad part was there was this college girl out for a leisurely bike ride on an old schwinn who kept passing my truck....

Well the swim didn't happen, picked up the dog and headed home. She already had her dinner and wanted mine! Dogs aren't supposed to eat vegetarian! But as it has been put by J, she is a person in a schnauzer suit. She eats mushroom bits....

Well we headed to bed pre-eleven PM, was so tired.

But this morning, I got up in the dark at about 4:45 and looked out and decided.... I'm going to swim for a few minutes! packed the dog in the car, snuck down to the beach and in I went for a quick 15 minutes in the cove of Canoe Beach. Dead flat calm, didn't hit any lobster traps or big rocks. It was low tide thank goodness, no beaching myself today. Got out just as light was brightening up the horizon. And boy did it feel good. Went home, showered quickly and found the dog back in bed! Her sleep in the car was tough. headed out to work on time....

And no, I don't plan on doing this frequently in the dark but it was definitely worth it and I could see the outlines of the cover fairly well...
Well back at it and have a great day...

Also the warning, don't try this at home or at the beach/ocean.... and don't swim alone.... and don't swim in the ocean after dark..... Do what I say, not as I do!


I love scuba diving at night. The ocean is so different, with completely different fish and invertebrates. It also feels different.

I've never gone swimming at night, except at camp when I was a kid.