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December 2017



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Labor Day and lazy days....

Well, I did have a large list of things to accomplish this weekend but guess what... yep, not happening. After a week on the new job with the associated commute and getting lost, Saturday was spent getting caught up on sleep, hanging with the dog, one load of dishes and an hour swim so I could pretend I did something. ;-)

I slept on the couch on Friday night. I was tired....

Got up at my regular time, changed clothes and took the dog to the park a.k.a. the country club... Fed her and back to bed. We moved upstairs to the bed around noon when it became too hot. Finally got up at about 4:00 PM. I'm such a slug and the dog wasn't complaining.... We finally went to do a little shopping on the island and a quick swim. It is pretty cool when folks that watch you swim from the beach will take the Boo dog for a walk while you are in the water. Two birds, one stone! And the dog loves it...
Back to the couch to watch one of my favorite movies, 'Remember the Titans.' There is a great message, good music and great lines in that movie. One of my very favorites is 'There's a fine line between tough and crazy and you're flirting with it.' Usually, I think I'm on the crazy side...

So next morning, repeat the last but only went back to sleep until 9:30 and grabbed the dog and went for a swim. Artichokes for breakfast, now that is the breakfast of champions. My taste in movies is really slipping, I watched Mammoth on Sci-Fi. It was very funny, the sheriff asks the Gov't guy what is his jurisdiction and he flashes a NRO badge and says the 'whole earth.' Yep, I have a weird sense of humor. Went for another hour swim late last afternoon, early evening. Watched Chuck last night, I kind of like that show...

So today, J is gone to China for a little over 2 weeks. The plane left at 1:00 PDT, so after my early morning exploits, the day began at 8:30. We are getting closer to a normal time. Again a swim and back to the house to register for school, but that will have to wait until tomorrow. I can't find the current semester on my web page. So I have to call my adviser tomorrow. At least I know what classes I'm looking at.
Hit the seafood place in town here and got the fixin's for a seafood pasta. That should make lunch and dinner for at least 2.5 days this week and I have pork chops and chicken. Food is taken care of for me and the Boo dog. While she mooches, she actually has her own food and chow. I headed for another swim this afternoon since the Comcast was not on (replace the switch guys) it turned into a 2 hour swim.

I still have call the Y to see what times they are open for signing up this week. I don't want to let go of summer but there is a reality that swimming in 30+ degree water will suck! So I have to sign up for the concrete prison. There is a pool at work but get this, it is only open during work hours! How is that for making sense? I have to confirm what the actual times are but at this point it won't help on the weekends or early mornings, so it is the Y and North Eastern for the winter.... now off to finish that laundry I have almost ignored and one more load of dishes....

Hope folks are having a great Labor Day!


Great Line

That's a great line...a fine line between tough and crazy...I prefer to think I am on the tough side. Maybe that is just wishful thinking on my part though :).

My husband and I went to the mall early this afternoon and we ran into a triathlon acquaintance of mine. He had heard through some people what I was training for and he thinks I am crazy. I asked him what the difference was between cycling six hours and swimming six hours? Got him there :).

Re: Great Line

I can answer for him, the big difference is 'how you handle you head' unless you cycle alone. But you are doing great with that; You have worked through some bad patches in the pool alone and learned to listen to your lighter-hearted escort. So you are on your way to much crazier things! I promise.