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One more thing, this innocent looking critter has been busy. She has been digging under the sun room (covered porch). I just knew that she would come in after being called with a brown nose from dirt. Well today I'm calling for her so we can go swim, but she isn't coming. I'm a bit concerned but remember the brown nose... I find the little, bitty hole under the stairs so I head down the cellar stairs to look out the window under the porch. There are 4 long schnauzer legs under the porch! She is stuck, can't find the hole again. So I get her to the hole and let her squeeze out of the itty, bitty hole. I put a bunch of bricks in the hole to subvert any more ideas she has. I'm not sure that I would've seen her if it had been dusk and definitely not if it had been dark.. The dawg has found a new way to make me laugh and reminds me how much was missing before she came to share my life!
Tags: creativity, dawgs, laughter

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