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Sneaking swims in....

It has been a busy week especially because it is short…

I was asked by a ‘soon to be Channel Swimmer’ for suggestions on his swim now that he is on the way to Dover. So I wrote up my lessons learned and kept it to just the time before the swim ‘till after the swim. No training, etc… It came to 4 pages of stuff, still wondering if it will help him. He may just decide he didn’t need a novella.

Yesterday I was up at 4:45 AM; my body is starting to just get up 15 minutes before the alarm clock so I went down to ‘my cove.’ Yep, I have decided to declare squatters rights. Dog was game for it until she realized she was staying in the car. Snuck in a 15 minute swim in the dark and dashed back to the house for a shower and ready for work. I love the feeling of swimming at night and at low tide there is less of a chance of me beaching myself on what are called ‘the chimneys,’ The rocks that are in the middle of the cove to form a natural canal.
Here is a link to the map wiki that shows my cove also known as Canoe Beach. The white water in the middle on the satellite image is ‘the Chimneys.’ Needless to say it was taken at high tide.

Even though my drive to work is a haul, there are some really nice aspects to it. I really enjoy talking with the toll booth workers, three people to say ‘hello’ to before I get to work. I have applied for a transponder but am not sure that I won’t lose something along the way but that is another subject.
I also pass the Charles River by the boat houses. I see the scullers in the water stroking like the ‘water gliders’ I used to see as a kid in ponds and streams. They are usually out in force; singles, doubles, quads and eights. It looks peaceful and is definitely on my top 20 things to learn before I die. I figure it will take at least 6 months to be a beginner having never met grace and no rhythm…
I also pass a couple of lakes on the way and wonder how much trouble I would get in if I stopped for a dip. You just can’t take the water out of the woman! On the way home I wonder about the legal implications such as tickets…. It is also cool to see all the Red Sox fans walking above the freeway to the stadium. This is one sports crazy town.

Last night I got home at dusk and went for a swim much to the pup’s dismay. She wanted to go straight home and sleep. Her best buddy ‘Bodie the goldie’ is running her ragged at day care. Thank goodness for dogs that never really grow up. She hasn’t had the energy to dig since work resumed on Tuesday. But I digress… she was in luck, an acquaintance took her for a small walk while I got wet. So, a great swim at dusk for almost an hour with the light fading around me and venturing out of my cove since it was ‘technically still light’ and the pup making new friends for me. What a deal!

This morning was another 4:45 morning and since the water is warm (relative), I’m taking advantage of it. Another quick swim and then home and out to drop the dog and to work for my day. So today, I’m a little sleepy and am trying to head home on time for a little longer swim and bed…

And no, I haven't joined the Y yet.... I'm loving the ocean!
Tags: quick dips, sculling on the charles, toll booths, writing novellas

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