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swiming with texture and other things...

Well I was able to leave work about 4:30 Friday night and before anyone gets up in arms, I start at 7:00-7:30 each morning. But I have an issue about leaving on time, something always either comes up or drags me into the computer, low and behold I'm late....
Picked the dog up at 6:00PM and headed home for my last swim for a couple of days. Surgery on the Achilles tendon scheduled quickly and by the way I shouldn't be journaling on percoset... so forgive me if I'm a little stoned.
I went for a 1.5 hour swim in agitator water,(think washing machine). It was great. I was to quick to attribute it to Hannah's arrival but too quick. We had some rain this AM that was pre-dregs of Hannah. The more stirred up the water is the better I like it and the faster I am. Millponds are not for me. So it was a great swim with lots of texture and swam at a quick pace. For those that don't know, a quick pace is 'swimming fast at a pace you can barely sustain for 1-2 hours'. A lot different than a quick 50 or a 100 Meter or yards. It was a great swim in the twilight and I was very aware my last swim for a couple of day.
Headed home and to sleep, had an early appointment. I had surgery on my Achilles tendon, basically a roto-rooter to clean out the scar tissue this morning. I was home by 12 but not a happy camper.
I have read 13 pages of my biology today about 5 times and I think only the origins of homo and stasis have stuck. I also emailed a professor for another class yesterday because the class starts Monday and was no syllabus. He actually fixed everything last night. I was really impressed. And for some reason World History is sticking better with drugs, the question is will I need to be in the same state to remember the information during tests?
So it is late at night and the real first bands of the dregs-of-Hannah have come in. Yep, we don't have any of the winds yet and the water is flat.... So I'm not missing my swim today yet, but will tomorrow morning. You would thing being 2 miles out to sea we would get great winds from a tropical storm! But the night is up to Hannah, they are predicting 8-10 hours more of her. Why do women without a date have to stay around?
Well maybe I will tape the ankle and sneak a swim, if not Monday is the official day to get back in the water per the MD. And Kim, SB is a go...that was one of the reason we snuck in the surgery.
So tonight I was watching the Mighty Ducks 3. They are still a great trio of movies from Disney and have now have moved on to eye candy, Oceans 13....
So I'm actually headed to bed (read the couch), biology isn't sticking...
If your having great weather enjoy it and if it is wet, stay in and have fun... Hope RosemaryMint didn't get rained on this weekend.
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